FAILURE OF ABORTION: A Five Part Series to Forgive, Restore and Heal After Abortion | Part Three


Today, we continue with the series with Part 3: Failure in the System and Government. 

See the video of economist and social theorist Thomas Sowell explaining the welfare state here

The failure of abortion is always the child was killed. But what about the mom? Can she be healed? Forgiven? YES. Stay tuned for the five part series including:

1. Failure in Right Relationships
2. Failure in Right Decisions
3. Failure in the System/Government
4. Failure in the Church
5. Failure in Forgiveness

From the front lines of the abortion wars, Rev. KH discusses all things prolife, anti-abortion, Christian and conservative.

A changed mind is a terrible thing to waste.
Failure of Abortion Series



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